BQC INDIA PVT. LTD. specializes in consulting services for BIS Registration.

BIS have two verticals for the registration: CRS mark and ISI Mark.

For Indian Manufacturer

CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme which is effective for all the electronic and IT products. This process starts with the sample testing of the product in BIS recognized lab situated in India. Manufacturer needs to get their product samples with all end accessories submitted in the lab. After the successful testing the test report will be generated. This test report along with certain set of documents need to be submitted in the BIS authority online and offline. Application status could be tracked on the BIS Portal. Once the application will be approved by the authority, Registration number will be issued.

Manufacturer needs to impose the CRS Mark with R-number and IS Standard on the product before selling in the market.

Key points:

This application is applied by Manufacturer.

If manufacturer is not having any liaison office in INDIA then either a Indian brand office or A third Indian Company will be nominated as the Local Representative in the application.

Unique registration number is issued to the one manufacturing location for the single brand and product category. Read More


ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute which is the former name of Bureau of Indian Standard.

Products covered under mandatory requirement of ISI registration includes Cement Products, Household electrical Goods, Batteries, Food & Related Products, Oil Pressure Stoves, Automobile Accessories, Cylinder-Valves-Regulators, Medical Equipment, Stainless Steel Products, Electrical Transformers, Electrical Motors, Capacitors and Chemicals & Fertilizers.

Firstly, these products will be tested in the BIS recognized labs situated within India. Then the application will be submitted online. After going through all the documents, BIS officials will visit the factory/manufacturing unit for the quality inspection. After the successful factory visit, BIS will proceed the file and allot the CML Number. This CML number along with the ISI mark and Standard number need to be imposed on the product before selling it in the market.

ISI mark defines the quality of the product for the Indian Consumers.

Products covered in the mandatory list can be imported or sold in India only with the ISI mark.

Manufacturer will be the ultimate applicant for this registration.

If manufacturer is foreigner and do not have any liaison office in INDIA then either a brand office or A third Company situated in India will be nominated as the Local Representative in the application. Read More