EPR Authorization

Extended Producer Responsibility – Authorization should comprise of general scheme for collection of waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment from the Electrical and Electronic Equipment placed on the market earlier, such as through dealer, collection centers, Producer Responsibility Organization, through buy-back arrangement, exchange scheme, Deposit Refund System, etc. whether directly or through any authorized agency and channelizing the items so collected to authorized recyclers.

E-Waste management rules were published by the Government of India in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. E-Waste certificate is processed and granted by the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board). The process starts with the preparation of agreement between recycler and the manufacturer. After this, the documents need to be prepared which will be submitted in the CPCB Authority for the further process. After submission of all the hard copies of the documents in the authority, file will be checked and verified by the concern officials. Then it will be granted approval and certificate will be issued.

It’s completely an offline process. One of our executive will regularly visit the authority to get the status update of the application which will helps us to expedite the process.

The foremost step for the E-Waste Application is to get an agreement between the manufacturer and the recycler.

There are certain documents which we will fill up and share with you for the sign and stamp and few legal documents are required